Friday, September 5, 2014

Saturday 9

I found a fun meme for Saturdays.  Lucky me gets to sling pancakes and bacon tomorrow morning, so this is going up tonight.  Stop by Saturday 9 and join the fun!

Saturday 9: Roar
(recommended by Cat)

If you're not familiar with today's song, you can hear it here.

1) The lyrics begin with Katy singing about when she used to "hold her tongue." Tell us about a time when you didn't speak up, but wish you had.

I really have a hard time holding my tongue.  I let responses to rude people fly out of my mouth at full sail.  However, I have learned that at work, my tongue needs to be held often.  In fact, it is held so often that I am sometimes scared to open up.  When I was pregnant I requested two days off a week (that I didn't normally work) for physical therapy.  The added belly weight of pregnancy was not kind to my damaged SI joint.  I told him that I was fine to work at full capacity and would bring a doctor's note if that changed for any reason.  He took me to one day a week.  Then, for two weeks I wasn't even on the schedule.  I waited through weeks of this crap hoping it would just "get better" on its own.  It didn't.  I finally spoke up about the possibility of filing partial unemployment and when told that wasn't possible, my mouth opened and my knowledge of the process spilled out.  I had my shifts back that next week.

This was a lesson for me.  A few weeks ago my hours were cut again.  I mentioned that this time I would have to file and then next week I had most of my hours back.  Restaurants hate paying servers unemployment.

2) The lyrics mention both lions and tigers. In addition to the big cats, the video shows a monkey and an elephant. If we were going to the zoo today, which animal would you want to see first?

The Denver Zoo has an alligator snapping turtle named Bob and we always visit him first.

3) Lions and tigers are carnivores. If we were having steak for dinner, would you order it rare, medium or well done?

I don't really eat meat.  Occasionally I will have a steak and when I do it is medium.  When I was pregnant with Persephone, I craved steak and chocolate cake.  Two things I rarely ate.  I also craved ham and bacon which I don't eat either.

4) Lots of photos are snapped at the zoo. Did you take your last picture with a camera or with your phone? 

My phone.  I have an awesome DSLR but I lost the cord that connects to the computer and the SD card is really small, so until I get a new one, my phone pics will have to do.

5) The "Roar" video takes place in the jungle. The average temperature all year around in the rainforest is a humid 80º. The typical September day in Juneau is 49º, dry and sunny. Which sounds more comfortable?

Once upon a time I would have answered 80 and humid. But now that I am older and weigh a good deal more. Give me the dry and colder temps. In fact, I am ecstatic for fall. Colder temps, hoodies, and lots of soups.

6) In her youth, Katy took dance lessons at the local recreation hall in Santa Barbara. Crazy Sam took tap dance lessons as a girl, too. What about you? Were you sent off to dance class? Music lessons? Art class?

I taught the dance class (gym elective) in high school.  I took many fleeting theater, dance, and gymnastics classes as a kid.  I also dabbled in karate and basketball.  None of them really stuck except dance.  I love to dance.
7) Katy recently passed Justin Bieber as the most followed person on Twitter. What's the last message you re-tweeted?
I am not looking that far back. I haven't farted around on Twitter for years. That could change in the future though.
8) Congratulations! You just won the lottery! Do you want it in a lump sum, or would you prefer payments over the next 25 years?

I have argued many of people about this one.  I would take the annuity.  Hands down.  The way I can spend money, I would blow through that lump sum and end up like Dustin Diamond.

9) Did you get 8 hours sleep last night?

Ha!  I have a 4-month old.  Eight hours of continuous sleep is a long time away for me.


  1. Ha! I just watched Dustin Diamond's Saved by the Bell TV movie! No, I don't want to end up like him.

    Thanks for sharing the photo of Bob. He looks like quite a character.

  2. I envy your friendship with Bob. I would love to live near enough to a zoo to have animal friends. ;-)

  3. i love dancing, too! and hmm what happened to dustin diamond? i thought he went into porn or something...that's all i really know. i'll have to look up what happened to him.
    and how adorable is bob? aww!

  4. Who is Dustin Diamond? Enjoyed your answers.

    1. Screech from Saved by the Bell. He was a "child star" that blew through all his money. He did Celebrity Boot Camp and lost a lot of weight as well.

  5. Bob is so cute! It's easy to see why you love to visit him! I have loved to dance all my life. Isn't it wonderful to be able to move like that? Stay limber!