Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Tuesday Coffee Chat: Immortality for One Day

I am back for another week of Tuesday Coffee Chat.  Granted, it is almost 11 p.m. on Tuesday, but I really wanted to participate.

Tuesday, October 7th/14 
If you could be immortal for one day; what would you do? 

Immortality for one day.  That would be one hell of a day.  I would use my temporary ability to not die to conquer all my fears.  I mean, how great would it be to no longer fear snakes, airplanes, or underwater caves?  My fear with many things is that I have a chance to die.  I have almost died a few times and you would think that would help me, but as I get older and have more children, the fear multiplies.

When I was 19, my ex-father-in-law took his entire law firm and their spouses to Puerto Vallarta.  It was an amazing trip and I have many memories of the crazy nights and delicious food.  However, what I remember the most is the flight back...and how thankful I am that it landed.  Another flight leaving the same airport did not.  That was supposed to be our flight but we changed the flight to avoid a layover.

Hence, my fear of airplanes started.

I refuse to set foot on one.  The idea of flying makes my palm sweat and neck break out in small hives.  Thinking about my mother  holding my 18-month old daughter and watching news coverage of what she thought was my flight causes my heart to drop into my stomach.

No airplanes.  No thanks.  I will drive with three fighting children across county.  I don't mind.

Never mind that the likely hood of my plane crashing is FAR less than my car crashing...

So if I had an entire day to avoid dying.  I would get on a plane.  I would allow myself to have anxiety and panic attacks.  I would peer out the window and force myself to see how high in the air I am.  What's the harm?  If the plane goes down, I won't die.  I might have a lot of explaining to do, but I won't leave my children motherless.

What would YOU do if you were immortal for one day?


  1. It's heights for me but surprisingly flying doesn't bother me at all.

  2. I think that's pretty cool what you would do.
    I fly quite a bit but I'm not great at it. I lost two friends to a plane crash when I was a kid. Also, I saw the movie La Bamba. Enough said.

  3. I love the idea of using that 24 hours to conquer your fear of something. Fear can be a useful tool when it is applied to protect us from real dangers -- but it can also be the crippling thing that holds us back in life: from experiencing the wonderful too.
    Thanks for joining - the linky is open all week - so there's never any rush :)

  4. Flying seems to be something some fear, but many wish they could do.