Friday, September 19, 2014

Knee Injuries Suck

Knee injuries suck.

Knee injuries flairing up suck.

Knee injuries flairing up and work and messing with my income really sucks.

14 years ago I was a pedestrian in a hit-and-run accident.  I sustained many injuries,  but I walked away from the accident.  Well, I needed help to walk, but I came away from the ordeal alive and fairly unscathed. 

Over the years I have had problems with my foot, knee, back, hips, and shoulder. It usually twinges, needs some ice and rest, and it feels fine a day later.  So when I felt that twinge in my knee at work, I didn't think much of it.

I call it the "rubber band" feeling. My knee feels like rubber and as if it is bending backwards,  or the wrong way. It hurts,  makes me trip, and feels better after a few minutes.

Then it did it the next day.

Then twice the next.

When my knee twinged a third time that day, I felt a pop and took a knee to the floor. At work. In front of people. Red-cheeked, I limped away to rub away the pain and embarrassment.
My knee swelled and I could see fluid at the bottom of my knee cap and I knew this required a trip to the hospital as even urgent care facilities were closed.

They drained my knee - Gross! - and gave me a referral to an orthopedic doctor.

After that,  my knee felt better and I went to work with an ace bandage and brace.  I hobbled through the day as an expediter, which required very little running around or lifting, but still practically immobilized me by the end of the short shift.

I called in the next two shifts (and am awaiting the wrath of that) and was able to see the specialist.  I was not impressed.  He took x-rays, which was necessary, but I knew that none of my old injuries would show up on it.
It also concerned me that he confused my breastfeeding status with being pregnant...twice.  He also asked how far along I was immediately after I told him about getting my tubes tied in April...


So we scheduled the MRI for next Monday.  That leaves me at least two full days of serving that I need to get through...without pain medication. This is going to be a long weekend, but hopefully Monday will shed enough light that we can make a plan and get me up and moving again.  

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