Friday, September 5, 2014

The Legend and History of The Shit Squirrel

When Athena was a baby, I was OBSESSED with The Children's Place.  I could not keep myself out of that store.  As a result, she was a very well dressed baby at a decent price.  When the fall clothes came out that year, I could not decide between two sets of long sleeved, appliqued shirts paired with corduroy skirts.  One had a purple skirt and white shirt with a patchwork owl in purple hues and the other was a tan skirt and maroon shirt with an appliqued squirrel in oranges and pinks.  This is how they hook buy BOTH because there is a large SALE sign above the rack.

I loved these outfits and dressed Athena in them every time they were clean.  My ex-husband, on the other hand, did not love these outfits.  Particularity the squirrel set.  He was convinced that every time she wore the outfit, she would have an "ass-plosion" and the poo would go up her little back.  Every time.  I figured she pooed like that a lot and it was a coincidence.  Either way, he hated the outfit and it became known as "the s*** squirrel outfit."

It is a picture of a picture, but here is my little red head in her s*** squirrel outfit:

A few months before Persephone was born, my mom found a box of Athena's old clothes.  I think I had stored them in case Troy was a girl, and promptly forgot about them.  I dug through the box in excitement that the baby could wear some of her sister's old clothes and bring mommy lots of memories.  Among the homemade outfits and occasion dresses, I found the owl and the s*** squirrel.  I squealed.  I was so excited as I REALLY loved these outfits.

Due to my love of scrapbooking, Steven had seen this page detailing the specifics of the outfit:

He was not as happy as I was to see it neatly folded in the box.

Fast forward to today which is a chilly 54 degrees and cloudy.  Perry wakes up and it is time to change her diaper and get dressed for the day.  Can  you guess what she is wearing?  Yup.

The lighting is terrible, but I figured I should take a picture quickly as the outfit might have a curse and not be wearable later today.

Steven is at work today and I sent him a picture of our adorable daughter in this adorable outfit.  He is not least not as much as I am.

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