Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Tuesday Coffee Chat: Immortality for One Day

I am back for another week of Tuesday Coffee Chat.  Granted, it is almost 11 p.m. on Tuesday, but I really wanted to participate.

Tuesday, October 7th/14 
If you could be immortal for one day; what would you do? 

Immortality for one day.  That would be one hell of a day.  I would use my temporary ability to not die to conquer all my fears.  I mean, how great would it be to no longer fear snakes, airplanes, or underwater caves?  My fear with many things is that I have a chance to die.  I have almost died a few times and you would think that would help me, but as I get older and have more children, the fear multiplies.

When I was 19, my ex-father-in-law took his entire law firm and their spouses to Puerto Vallarta.  It was an amazing trip and I have many memories of the crazy nights and delicious food.  However, what I remember the most is the flight back...and how thankful I am that it landed.  Another flight leaving the same airport did not.  That was supposed to be our flight but we changed the flight to avoid a layover.

Hence, my fear of airplanes started.

I refuse to set foot on one.  The idea of flying makes my palm sweat and neck break out in small hives.  Thinking about my mother  holding my 18-month old daughter and watching news coverage of what she thought was my flight causes my heart to drop into my stomach.

No airplanes.  No thanks.  I will drive with three fighting children across county.  I don't mind.

Never mind that the likely hood of my plane crashing is FAR less than my car crashing...

So if I had an entire day to avoid dying.  I would get on a plane.  I would allow myself to have anxiety and panic attacks.  I would peer out the window and force myself to see how high in the air I am.  What's the harm?  If the plane goes down, I won't die.  I might have a lot of explaining to do, but I won't leave my children motherless.

What would YOU do if you were immortal for one day?

Sunday, September 28, 2014

Dinner Failure

Dinner did not come easy this evening.  I was late out of work and needed to stop by Kohls to buy some new work pants as mine were so worn, my co-workers could tell me the color of my polka dot, cheeky underwear today.  Whoops.

So I ran over there and tried on too many pairs of pants and settled on one pair.  Why only one?  Because cloth sizing sucks!  It differs between all brands and I couldn't find any that fit, looked nice, and cooperated with the uniform dress code.  So I settled for one pair that almost fits dress code and rushed to pick up the kiddos.

My plan was to pick up the kids and run to the grocery store and pick up items for Wild Tree's strogonof mix that I am excited to try.  When I walked into Grandma' house, I saw my son in soaking wet pants.  Turns out he had an accident while napping.  It has been so long since this has happened, that I never even thought to send extra clothes for a few hours with grandma.

So that would be an extra stop home, then to the store, and then home to take 20 minutes or so to make dinner.  It would be after 7 pm before the kids ate and I need their tummies to settle before bath and bed.  So I made an executive decision.  A decision that I did not feel totally comfortable with and my stomach will hate me for in an hour or so.

I went to McDonald's.

I ordered happy meals and chicken nuggets for myself.  The kids were excited.  I ate my fries and nuggets and reminded myself that this is not an every night thing.  We eat fairly healthy and one trip to the golden arches won't kill us...I hope.

I sat at the table with my three smallest children (baby in my lap) and finished my meal in a little under four minutes.  During that time the following statements were made with a mouthful food in between rushed bites as the baby wasn't having any of this "mom sitting down" nonsense.

Perry, let's not post pics to Facebook.
Athena, stop playing with the bug and eat your food.
Troy, can we wear pants please?
Perry, you can't have sweet and sour sauce.
Athena, food.
Troy. Boxers are not pants.
Perry. please don't erase my apps.
Athena! I am going to take the hex bug away. Come eat now.

And then, for about 22 seconds I ate in peace with the exception of baby hands grabbing my eyebrows.

Friday, September 26, 2014

Friday Four Fill Inn - Beer and Magnesium

Feeling Beachie

Is it Friday already?  This week went by crazy fast!  I really enjoy the Friday Four Fill In at Feeling Beachie and am back for another week.  

The statements:
  1. I __ when I ___
  2. ___ are my ___ fruit
  3. ___  is my favorite part of summer
  4. _____ helps me relax
My Answers

1. I used my boyfriend's towel to clean up the mess when I spilled a beer in the bathroom.  I was doing my hair to get ready for a girl's night out and knocked over my Honey Crisp Apple Shocktop.  His towel was the first thing I saw.  

2. Pineapples and peaches are my favorite fruit to grill in the summer. The kids love them too.  We usually make a yummy caramel sauce to drizzle over them. 

3. Going back to school at the end of summer is my favorite part of summer.  I love having the time and memories with my children, but by the end of summer break, mommy needs a break.

4.  Magnesium helps me relax.  I am an anxious person and suffer from anxiety and two kinds of uncommon OCD.  Taking magnesium in high doses everyday keeps me relaxed.  If I end up flipping out, having Steven play with my hair always tames the fire within.

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Good Morning Blue Eyes!!

I woke up this morning to the sound of cooing.  I rolled over to see the brightest blue eyes staring at me.  She made a gentle and silly raspberry noise to say "Good Morning Mommy!"  I spent around an hour nursing, cuddling, and playing with Persephone.  I didn't look at the clock, think about the bill I need to pay today, the appointment this afternoon, or even glance at the growing pile of laundry (I swear it multiplies while I sleep).  I just stayed in my jammies and enjoyed the time with my youngest child.

I was able to get a few soft giggles from her before she started her pterodactyl yell that has given her the nickname "Perrydactyl."  We played with her taggie ball, sang some songs, read a Sandra Boynton book, and she threw a fit when I wouldn't allow her to have my eyelashes.  It was the most beautiful morning and I realized how amazingly lucky I am to have this morning.

I didn't have to rush off to work (like our hard-working and sexy chef did), or rush to take the older kiddos to school, and I didn't have any other business that needed my immediate attention.  And if there was something, it couldn't be that important if I didn't even think about it.

It is after ten in the morning and I am still in my jammies.  Perry is dressed due to a stinky diaper change and we will go about our day in a little while.  Mornings like this are somewhat rare for me and very much cherished.  I hope that all parents out there get to have this special time with their little ones every once in a while.  And when you do get it, cherish it.  Don't worry about last night's dishes, the 15 e-mails you have, or the blinking light on your phone alerting you of whatever Facebook game you play.

Just enjoy the morning.

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Vegetarian Chicken Chorizo Posole

Sounds too good to be true right?  Nope!  Even the largest carnivore in my family scarfed this hearty soup down and asked for more.  It all started with this recipe for Chicken Chorizo Posole from Taste of Home.  I was flipping through one of my 80 billion or so issues and read it to Steven who was instantly on board to try it out.

Except I had a plan.  I love Soyrizo- the flavor and taste is amazing- so, I was going to re-do this recipe vegetarian style. We followed the recipe for the most part substituting the "meat" and oregano and added a little garlic to the broth.

First, we roasted the tomatillos, onions, garlic, and jalapenos.  I used a large cookie sheet and drizzled the bacon flavored grapeseed oil over the top with a good sprinkling of salt and pepper.  The bacon oil is vegetarian.  It has a yummy smokey bacon-esque like flavor.  I put them in a 425 oven for about 30 minutes.

While those guys are roasting, I started my broth.  I used 2 bay leaves, 5 whole cloves, and 5-6 garlic cloves.  I threw them in the pan with a drizzle of bacon oil  and added 4 cups of water, 1 cup vegetable broth and one bag of Chik'n pieces.  I brought it to a boil and then let it simmer for about 15 minuets.

Then it was time to get roasted goodness out of the oven.  The tomatillos produced some liquid and I made sure to scoop ALL of that yummy flavor into the Ninja with the rest of the veggies.

Pureed for about 45 seconds.

Next, I drained the broth and reserved the liquid.  I also removed the clovers, garlic, and bay leaf and smashed up the Chick'n.

Next I put the Soyrizo in the pot a another drizzle of the bacon flavored grapeseed oil and smashed it up.  Chorizo has a LOT of grease when cooked that the soy version does not, so adding in some oil is important.

The soup is really coming together!  We poured the broth back into the pot and added in hominy, cumin, Italian spice (we were out of oregano), and lime juice.
Then we added the delicious smelling puree from the vegetables.

We let it simmer about 15 minutes or so to cook through and soften up the hominy.  The kitchen smelled amazing! We quickly grated some cheddar cheese and, set out sour cream, and cut some tortillas in half.

And then we enjoyed an amazing vegetarian version of posole.  Even the big meat-eaters that ate this soup were impressed.

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Tuesday Coffee Chat: Showing Off My Ponies

Today is the first Coffee Chat over at Time Out for Mom since summer break.  I am happy to have stumbled upon it as this week we are chatting about COLLECTIONS.  
Just the other day I was bragging about my collection to a friend.  I told her that her kids HAD to see my obsession  collection.  As silly as it is, these little guys are my collection and they make me terribly happy.

1st Generation My Little Ponies

Unfortunately, these are not from my childhood.  My ponies were probably thrown into a bag for Goodwill or *gasp* a trashcan when I didn't clean up my room and mom did it for me.  I started acquiring my preciouses when I was 21.  I was randomly farting around on Ebay (through a dial up connection...) when I found a listing for ponies.  Lots of ponies.  HUNDREDS of ponies.  I wanted it.  BAD.  

But I didn't have that kind of money.  

So I started searching and was engrossed for days...maybe weeks.  I found a few I liked and started bidding.  Of course my cheap little heart was being outbid on every damn auction.  I upped my game and was diligent.  A week or so later and this beauty showed up on my door step.  
Her name is Cherries Jubilee.  And she was my first.  I was hooked.
It didn't take too long for me to amass over 100 ponies including a full collection of Sparkle Ponies.

And a few ponies from international lines such as Seashell from Italy.
Only two ponies sit and I had both.  Unfortunately, some of my ponies were stolen and Bubbles was included.  I have yet to find him again.  But I won't get into that mess.

I stopped my huge spending spree and over the next decade or so, only had a few of these beauties delivered to my door...but I still checked the Ebay auctions and collector's forums frequently. 

A little over a year ago, five years after moving into the new house, I FINALLY put these ponies on display.  I was thrilled to reunite with old friends and grieved again over those who were lost along the way.  And I had a new fire to look at auctions.  

I found one I couldn't turn away from.  FLUTTER PONIES!!  I found an auction that let me finish my flutter pony collection as well as replace one that came to me with a haircut.  I was more overjoyed than a woman in her 30's should be.
But then I saw the icing on the cake.  CHIEF.
Yes.  He is missing his scarf, but this beautiful Clydesdale Big Brother Pony with his fetching hat eluded me for years!!  I saw the auction and laid low for a while.  At the end of the auction I stormed in, placed a bid for higher than I wanted to pay, yet less than what I had been bidding a decade before, and snatched him up.  It was an awesome day when he arrived.  

I've collected a few more since then and also traded out some of the So Soft Ponies for more "display worthy" versions.  The more played with ponies went to a very loving home with Steven's sister.  

They aren't worth much, but they are worth a fortune to me.  I doubt I will be able to pass them down to my girls, but they will have memories and stories to share about their "mother's ponies."  I am 34 years old and collect toys.  BoYAH!

Friday, September 19, 2014

Friday Four Fill In

I have been so off my game this week.  Work, kids, home, blog, craftyness, etc., I didn't even get to visit everyone last week and comment on their Fill Ins.  Boo.  This week should be different though.  My knee injury is going to get fixed, Athena received her school-only iPad, and Troy had a glowing teacher conference other than the fact he was hiding his homework...again.  Persephone is still hiding those giggles from us and Alexandria leaves for an amazing trip to the Dominican Republic next week.

Feeling Beachie

This week’s co-host is ELIZABETH from SILVERS BOOK REVIEWS – she came up with the last two statements .  Be sure to join in the fun and stop by everyone's awesome answers this week.

The statements:
  1. I am ____
  2. I don’t like to ___ alone 
  3. Would you_____ if you could?
  4. Cooking with____is something to be _____

My Answers:

1. I am amazed at how much trash my household produces.  Before Steven moved in, I rarely had a small outside bin full of trash.  In fact, I filled up maybe one kitchen sized trash bag in a week-not including yard work trimmings and the like.  Steven moved in and I went back to work and slowly the food that comes in boxes and individually wrapped found a way back into my house.  So did the fast food wrappers and paper towels.  We now fill up a 96 gallon trash can a week.  Ugh!  And we use cloth diapers...This needs to get fixed.

2. I don't like to get tattooed alone.  I am friends with my artists, but sometimes he needs to pay attention to what he is doing and not my daily chatter about schools, diapers, and cleaning.  I like to have someone to talk to and distract me while that tiny needle hammers away at my collar bone...so far my most painful tattoo.

3. Would you kill someone if you could?  As much as I want to scream yes and have a certain a-hole vanish from my life completely, I couldn't do it.  I know there is is good in them somewhere and they mean something to someone.  Besides, they were in my life, and continue to be occasionally, for a reason.  Just because I don't know the reason doesn't mean there isn't one.

4. Cooking with my grandmother is something to be remembered, cherished, and passed on to my kids.  I talk a lot about this amazing woman who had a lot to do with me becoming the person I am.  She suffers from Alzheimer's and has for a long time.  She no longer remembers sifting flour for the new blueberry muffin recipe we tried and gave to my parents for their anniversary.  She no longer remembers helping me carefully apply the top crust to the home-grown strawberry rhubarb pie.  But I do.  And I hold onto those memories dearly.  I write, share recipes, and tell my kids stories.  It might sound silly, but a lot of who I am happened over that gas stove and oven.

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