Tuesday, September 2, 2014

A Little Time for Mommy

This weekend I was selfish.  I had Sunday off work (which never happens and at first I wasn't pleased about it) and I wanted to take full advantage of that.  My beautiful friend Nina (who makes the most amazing cakes at Rockabilly Bakery) was celebrating her birthday and I was excited that I would get to go out and cut loose with her and some of our amazing friends.  I rarely get to go out because waking up at 6 am to feed the baby with a hangover sucks.  Plus, I breastfeed and pumping and dumping is actually a very heart breaking thing to do.  Also, I like to be "on my game" for those weekend morning serving shifts - as much as I can be waking up with a small child sporadically throughout the night- so that I can make my money.

So this was a rare event for me.

The day started out normal.  I went to work and served people pancakes and bacon for a few hours while storing my tips in my apron.  After work we rushed straight over to a roller skating party for Nina's youngest little man.  I was still in my syrup stained work shirt that permanently smells of bacon.  Even the brand new shirts my manager just gave me reek of bacon straight out of the bag.  Not sure why this happens, but it is not nearly as cool as it could sound.  

But I digress.  Roller skating fun was had.

That cake was made by Rockabilly Bakery LLC 

We then rushed to the store so that Steven could purchase a new microphone headset for the World of Warcraft raid he had scheduled after the kiddo's bedtime.  We grabbed a few things for dinner and a small birthday gift for my friend.  As soon as we reached home, I had to start getting ready.  Usually if I go anywhere, I brush my hair back and throw on a bit of eyeliner and mascara.  Not tonight.  Tonight I was going all out.  Hair, makeup, adorable retro shirt...the whole nine yards.

I did my hair in a suicide roll and had Steven drop me at Nina's house.  We chatted for a bit and put on our makeup. Then it was time for selfies.

I borrowed a shirt from her that matched my polka dot wedges and we were off the the club.  We had to battle a lot of traffic from Taste of Colorado and deal with lane closures, but we made and met up with our good friend Kelly and a bunch of other people.  There was cake, cocktails, 80's music, industrial music, and lots of dancing to be had.  I danced long and hard until my butt fell off and my heels gave me blisters.

Kelly and I (in Nina's ridiculously cute shirt)

Now, I am not 21 anymore and the next day was not pretty.  I pumped and dumped (crying as I watched all that milk hit the drain), dealt with cramps, and had a wicked headache for a few hours when I first woke up. But it was worth it.  I spent time with friends, saw people I had not seen in a long time, and got to celebrate the birthday of a very beautiful soul.

And I had time for me.

As a mom, I forget how important that is.  I rarely do anything without a baby on my hip, a 6 year old using my shirt as a napkin, or a 9 year old asking if she can use some sort of electronic device.  I get so caught up in making sure the diapers are washed and the dishes are clean that I forget to just stop and be me for a moment.  We mothers need to have time for ourselves.  Maybe that is a night of drinking and dancing.  Maybe it is a date night with your partner.  Or even a stolen Snickers Ice Cream bar in the closet while the kids are engrossed in a video game.  The other night, grandma took the kiddos for a walk and Steven and I just relaxed.  We actually fell asleep on the bed.  Sometimes we parents need that.  It is good to recharge and know that a piece of ourselves does exist outside of parent-teacher conferences and endless laundry.

It may not sound logical, but it makes me a better parent.

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