Sunday, September 28, 2014

Dinner Failure

Dinner did not come easy this evening.  I was late out of work and needed to stop by Kohls to buy some new work pants as mine were so worn, my co-workers could tell me the color of my polka dot, cheeky underwear today.  Whoops.

So I ran over there and tried on too many pairs of pants and settled on one pair.  Why only one?  Because cloth sizing sucks!  It differs between all brands and I couldn't find any that fit, looked nice, and cooperated with the uniform dress code.  So I settled for one pair that almost fits dress code and rushed to pick up the kiddos.

My plan was to pick up the kids and run to the grocery store and pick up items for Wild Tree's strogonof mix that I am excited to try.  When I walked into Grandma' house, I saw my son in soaking wet pants.  Turns out he had an accident while napping.  It has been so long since this has happened, that I never even thought to send extra clothes for a few hours with grandma.

So that would be an extra stop home, then to the store, and then home to take 20 minutes or so to make dinner.  It would be after 7 pm before the kids ate and I need their tummies to settle before bath and bed.  So I made an executive decision.  A decision that I did not feel totally comfortable with and my stomach will hate me for in an hour or so.

I went to McDonald's.

I ordered happy meals and chicken nuggets for myself.  The kids were excited.  I ate my fries and nuggets and reminded myself that this is not an every night thing.  We eat fairly healthy and one trip to the golden arches won't kill us...I hope.

I sat at the table with my three smallest children (baby in my lap) and finished my meal in a little under four minutes.  During that time the following statements were made with a mouthful food in between rushed bites as the baby wasn't having any of this "mom sitting down" nonsense.

Perry, let's not post pics to Facebook.
Athena, stop playing with the bug and eat your food.
Troy, can we wear pants please?
Perry, you can't have sweet and sour sauce.
Athena, food.
Troy. Boxers are not pants.
Perry. please don't erase my apps.
Athena! I am going to take the hex bug away. Come eat now.

And then, for about 22 seconds I ate in peace with the exception of baby hands grabbing my eyebrows.

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