Friday, October 3, 2014

Instant Crafty Gratification

In a swap on Ravelry, I claimed a young mom in Poland for a onesie with an applique tie.  I made a few for my son years ago, so I headed to the store for some plain Gerber long sleeved onesies and pillaged the scrap bin for the perfect fabric.

I carefully drew a tie shape on my iron-on stabilizer and got it right on the third try.  Cut it out, ironed it to the onesie and then did a short zig-zag stitch all the way around.  It turned out adorable!

But that wasn't enough for my crafty desire.  I wanted more and I had two long sleeve onesies staring at me in their blankeness.

I found this adorable iron on in a box that came out of the craf room and knew it had to be used.  I ironed it and gave it a few securing stitches.

Then I found this iron-on (in the same box, somehow) and ironed it to the other onesie.

Not terribly impressive or skillful, but I love them.  I got some almost instant gratification and it put me in the crafty mood.

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