Tuesday, January 19, 2016

This week's Menu

My first trip to the grocery store after quitting my second job was terrifying.  I had carefully planned out meals for the week, accounted for after-school snacks, and stocked up on lunch meats for sandwiches. I had made the mistake of grabbing the smaller cart out of habit.  I filled it up so full that I could feel the laughter of employees and other shoppers...or it was all in my head...either way, I felt silly.  I approached the counter with trepidation.  I am pretty sure the cashier smirked a little at my WAY overly full cart.  She began ringing up my groceries one by one.  I started to put them in bags.

Then the total came.  It was just over $200.  Even with a few coupons.

My heart stopped a little.  I hadn't meant to spend that much. I NEVER spend that much.

After thinking about it, I rationalized that I had enough food for dinner at home every night, lunches at home every day, snacks, and a few necessities because no household should live without dish soap or toilet paper.  

Then I thought about it a little more.  I usually spent about $40-$80 when I went to the store, but I usually went 3 or 4 times a week!  I also spent money at the gas station for snacks, at McDonald's for coffee and hash browns, and restaurants for dinner.  I was also spending about $10 a meal at work (2 meals a day sometimes) when I had to eat there.

I had actually SAVED us a ton of money!  And everything we ate that week was delicious.  This is our menu this week and I am super excited for each and every meal (especially date night.)  Except Dad's choice.  I won't be home and I am sure it will be filled with gluten.

I purchased this board at Gordman's for about $20.

The kids love knowing what is for dinner and they love knowing that we have two deserts planned as well.

I admit, it took me a little bit of planning.  I looked at the store ads for deals, asked the kids what they wanted to eat this eat and checked for existing ingredients in the pantry, made the menu and the shopping list, and then wrote it on the board.  It took less than 30 minutes and was SOOOO worth it.

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