Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Recipe Review: Tasty's taco Stuffed Bell Peppers

I am in the beginning of a personal journey that involves a lot of changes in my life. One of those changes is to prepare homemade meals more often.  I didn't have the time to be home and cook wholesome meals for my family.  Far too often we were eating from a drive thru window or delivered pizza.  If we did cook at home, it was usually a frozen meal or something from a box.  After I decided to quit one of my jobs. I saw this video from Tasty on You Tube for Taco Stuffed Bell Peppers and decided that I needed to try it out.  It looked amazing and seemed delicious.



I started out with a very short shopping list and a trip to the clearance produce.  I found a bag of 3 delicious yellow peppers for only 99 cents.  I purchased a can of Kroger brand black beans and a half a pound of ground chuck from the deli counter.  I had everything else in the pantry already (except the guacamole), so it was a fairly inexpensive meal for two adults and a baby.


 I followed the recipe and instructions almost exactly.  I forgot to cook rice and didn't have any instant rice on hand, so I left that out.  It would have been better with it.  I also used some cotija cheese along with the cheddar and added some cilantro since I received a bunch in my Door to Door Organics box.   I started by preparing the peppers and baking them.  Then I added the ground beef, Wild Tree Taco Seasoning, onions, and a little cilantro to my oiled pan.  I made a well in the pan and added the black beans, corn, and some Smokey and Salsa brand salsa.   Then I put in about 3/4 cup of shredded cheddar cheese and 1/4 cup of the cotija cheese.  I put my baked peppers into individual ramekins as I was unable to find my bread pans (next organizing project perhaps?) and stuffed them with the taco filling.  I topped them off with shredded cheddar and cotija cheeses and put them in the oven.  After 15 minutes I added some tortilla chips on the top as I forgot about the guacamole when at the store.                

20151229_181216_HDR Absolutely delicious! Even the almost two year old loved them and asked for more.   I would have loved to have added the rice to the mixture and the guacamole on the top, so that will happen next time when I am more organized. I am glad we only used half of the ingredients as there was enough filling for 3 more peppers left in the pan.  We added a salad and some fresh fruit to the meal to fill us up, but could have just had another pepper each.  The tortilla chips on the top added a little crunch that I feel might have been missing without it.  This meal will be happening again as it was delicious and a very quick dinner recipe.   Thank you Tasty for the great recipe!      

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