Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Exploding Kittens - Fun for the Whole Family


 My little brother gave my family one of the coolest Christmas gifts that we received this last holiday season.  He always seems to pick out something that we will love and that we need.  Last year he gifted us a vacuum cleaner as our Dirt Devil vacuum bit the dust.  The year before we received a gift card to Olive Garden as well as a gift card to Build A Bear and a really fun family day was had.

This year, however, was even better.  He gave us a card game called Exploding Kittens.

 I know what you are thinking, but it really is aimed for family fun.  With the rising popularity of card games like Cards Against Humanity and Loaded Questions, few games have been aimed at families.  Apples to Apples had a brief stint at our house, but it lacked the strange sense of humor we have passed on to our children.  Exploding Kittens embraces it.

 The game is very easy to learn and quick to play.  My 7 year old son struggles with dyslexia and autism, and this game was no challenge for him.  The cards are easy -and funny- to read and he has decided it is his new favorite game.  There are exploding kitten cards hidden in the deck and if you draw one, you either have to play a defuse card or you are out.  Other cards include attacks, skips, saying no to other player's actions, and seeing the top three cards on the deck.  There are also silly cats dressed in bikinis and tacos or being worn as a beard that you can play pairs of to steal another player's card.

You get all the fun of the silly cards and the suspense of drawing that exploding kitten.   Family game night fun is even further guaranteed with the "not safe for work" version that the adults can play after bed time.

 A few of the cards in the game.

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