Thursday, October 9, 2014

Tuesday Coffee Chat : Salty or Sweet?

Rorey Bore and Tuesday Coffee Chat  is at it again.  This week we are chatting about the all important question of:

Salty or Sweet?  

The answer is YES PLEASE.  

I love pretzels with chocolate.  Or a salted caramel sauce on a grilled peach.  Ever had Mole sauce?  Oh ya.  Now I am hungry.  *excuse me, I need to grab some Preztel Crisps and a sweet spinach and artichoke hummus to finish this post*

Over the years I have endured teasing as I sat in study group alternating between a bag of skittles and a bag of pretzels. Or as I added a little sugar to my potato chips in the cafeteria in middle school.  But I never endured being teased about my love of salty and sweet (or food in general, really) more in my life than I have during pregnancy.  

During all four of my pregnancies, I was teased about the old wive's tale about pregnant women craving pickles and ice cream.  I  never really understood where it came from as I watched my aunt drink pickle juice from the jar.  Or as I dug a spoon into the pint of Ben and Jerry's Phish Food.  I am not a fan of ice cream.  Ever.  Yet, I ate my weight in ice cream over the course of my last pregnancy.

I also craved pickles.  Kosher Dill or those spicy pickles.  I ate them by the jar.  I even considered pickling my own for a while...and I still might.  

In the beginning of my pregnancy-before we had really made a large announcement-I sent a text to Steven from the grocery store.  It said "did I really just do this?" with a picture of the shopping cart.  A jar of pickles sat next to a tub of ice cream.  I wanted to post something so ironic and funny on Faccebook, but we weren't sharing our good (and surprising) news with anyone just yet.  

This had me wondering.  What was in the pickles that my body craved?

It was explained to me by a midwife that pregnant women crave sodium and the pickles satisfy that. Or at least that is how the wives tale has stuck around for so long.  

Totally made sense to me.  I was probably craving ice cream because of the need for the vitamins that are prevalent in dairy...and the sugar.  I have a sugar addiction.  

But I still can't stand the idea of eating those things together.  

However, in the 4th or 5th month of this last pregnancy, I had Steven go to the store and buy pregnancy-approved sushi, cupcakes, and chocolate milk.  

So maybe that was my salty and sweet....

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  1. Since I had diabetes in two of my pregnancies -- I couldn't have all the sweet and sugary things. I was on a very strict diet. But, I couldn't resist granny smith apples (a little bit of tart instead of just sweet), and I would shake salt on them. I would never do that now. I could easily eat a jar of pickles: pregnant or not, anytime, anywhere... and it doesn't even really matter what kind. dill, olives, beets, gherkins... I'll devour them. And I am also a big fan of ice cream - but really, who isn't?