Sunday, December 14, 2014

Called in Sick, but I have a note!

I have neglected this blog for three weeks...and it is still in it's infancy.


Not only do I have all the normal reasons-Thanksgiving, Christmas, working, parenting, etc.,- but I have been crazy sick.  I went to Urgent a few days before Thanksgiving because I felt THAT ill.  It hurt to breath, I was coughing, my body ached at every minuscule movement, and my sinuses were trying to carry a bowling ball.  I figured I had more of my normal sinus issues flaring and a case of the flu.





Probable pelvic congestion.

It was awful.  I was given a nebulizer treatment, steroids, and antibiotics and told to rest.  If the treatment wouldn't have worked, Iw ould have been admitted to the hospital.  Then a few days later the doc called to tell me that my strep test came back positive.


Then Steven caught strep.  It was a mess.

My sinus problems are still acting up a lot, but my primary doctor is FINALLY able to see me this week.  I made the appointment 3 weeks ago.  Hopefully they will do something for me before they send me to a specialist.

So here is to hoping I get better and get a few decent posts in before the barrage of pictures from the holidays. :D

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