Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Happy Halloween!! --almost a week late

We have been so sick at our house, that I haven't even gotten around to posting about HALLOWEEN!  Our most favorite of the holidays and our little Persephone's first.  Ugh.  The virus is slowly making it's way out of our bodies, so here we are in all of our Halloween glory.

A few days before Halloween, we carved pumpkins.

Of course my sensory child was more into the pumpkin guts....

On the 30th, we battled our sinus problems and took the kids to a school party at Skate City.  It was so much fun watching them skate around and watching Athena's tail bounce as she skated.

On Halloween night the kids went trick or treating with their dad.

Then, Steven and I took Persephone to our good friends Halloween party.  She was dressed up as a crab and we decided to wear Steven's chef coats and pants and carry her in a little pot.  

Perry was the hit of the party.

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  1. oh my gosh.... dying. that is the cutest thing ever!!! brilliant idea.
    Love the pumpkins!