Wednesday, October 15, 2014

That's What She Said: Coco Chanel and I finally have something in common

That's What She Said 2

It's that time again.  That's what she said...ha!  That will never get old.

I enjoyed this month's quote, and while I went back and forth between two ideas to post, I ultimately decided with this one as I sat in my daughter's OT office waiting room being started at by one of "those moms." 


I know why people stare. I do. It usually doesn't bother me.

I'm not your typical soccer mom in mom jeans ushering kids out of a mini van with my family represented in stick figures across the back. Instead of tasteful necklaces,  I have a huge piece of art tattooed across my chest. Instead of dainty diamonds in my ears, I have huge earrings  in the 1/2" hole I guaged into my ear lobes.

I sit here waiting for Athena to finish her OT  session in a Misfits shirt and ripped jeans. My hair is in a messy "don't give a shit after work" bun and I believe I smeared my makeup a few minutes ago when a rogue eyelash hit my eye.

But I am comfortable. I am me.

When Athena was first born,  I changed. I wore pastels, knit shirts from Eddie Bauer,  and Nike running shoes. The few tattoos I had at the time were tastefully covered and I only wore one pair of small studs in my ears.  I tried to look like all the other moms I knew.

And I was uncomfortable.  

It showed in my actions.  It showed in my inability to start conversations and hold them. It showed in how I carried myself. I seemed shy and awkward.  That is not who I was.

It took a few years, and some reconnection with some old friends, but I slowly realized that I was happier,  more comfortable,  and far more beautiful when I acted like and dressed like me. I was confident and walked with poise and grace. I didn't fumble through conversations or care if my shirt was of the name brand variety. In fact,  I was proud and smiled telling people I acquired my Ramones shirt from a thrift store with a $3 price tag.

I preach all the time about inner beauty and showing how beautiful we are by sharing kindness. It's important to me that little girls (and boys) grow up not valuing physical looks. Showing your beauty through kind acts or a bright smile is easier when you are comfortable in your own skin. Knowing who you are and not being afraid to show it and not caring if other people think you are beautiful on the outside is the best way to be comfy with yourself.

So what if you have a less than desirable physical feature.

I have a butt chin. Yup. A butt (or sometimes refered to as testicles) right on my face. I have heard it all and even made jokes myself. But I realized that my chin is apart of me. My grandma has this chin. My beautiful daughters hsve this chin. And it is a unique feature that only adds to our beauty.

So what if you are an oxymoron.

As I sit here, I am crocheting a pastel blanket for Persephone.  I wear the same outfit to scrap book retreats.  I might be part little old lady amd part punk rock.  But my baby is going to be very warm under her blanket that mommy lovingly made for her.

So what if you have extra weight.
I like to be comfortable.  I feel more beaitiful  in fitting jeans than I do squeezed oike a sausage into the latest trend. I feel like an apple with stixk legs in leggings, so I don't wear them. And I don't care. I'll wear my boot cut jeans and let my smile shine. Leggings don't make me smile.

I hear someone say something every so often about my appearance,  and I hold my tongue to not snark back something about thiers,  but I am usually greeted warmly and people feel comfortable around me...despite my tattoos or "ugly piercings" or black clothing. 

And I treat each of those beautiful beings as I would like to be treated.


  1. I think you look GOOD (you have to put some sass on that)! I did the whole conform thing, and I have to admit it, I still do on occasion. I have the endless stares: yes, it's a nose ring, yes, it's a tattoo and now with the pink hair…. that's going over well here. (HELLO, BREAST CANCER AWARENESS JUDGY JERKS)
    I think it's beautiful when people can be WHO THEY REALLY ARE. I'm still searching even though, I feel I know, I know there is more.
    LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this post, Mama!
    Thanks for joining us again, now to share.

  2. Such a great take on this quote! You are so right. There shoul dbe no form mom look. You are who you are and as long as that is true to you than who cares what anyone else thinks? I have tats that I love and you know what I've wanted to get my tongue ring back for so long but kep thinking maybe I'm too old...maybe not? LOL...thanks for sharing...